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In-Ground Pool Cover Fabrico Sun Dome- 20 FT x 49 FT Dome- USA MADE

In-Ground Pool Cover Fabrico Sun Dome- 20 FT x 49 FT Dome- USA MADE
In-Ground Pool Cover Fabrico Sun Dome- 20 FT x 49 FT Dome- USA MADE
In-Ground Pool Cover Fabrico Sun Dome- 20 FT x 49 FT Dome- USA MADE
In-Ground Pool Cover Fabrico Sun Dome- 20 FT x 49 FT Dome- USA MADE
In-Ground Pool Cover Fabrico Sun Dome- 20 FT x 49 FT Dome- USA MADE
In-Ground Pool Cover Fabrico Sun Dome- 20 FT x 49 FT Dome- USA MADE

In-Ground Pool Cover Fabrico Sun Dome- 20 FT x 49 FT Dome- USA MADE   In-Ground Pool Cover Fabrico Sun Dome- 20 FT x 49 FT Dome- USA MADE

FABRICO SU N DOME KIT FOR AN IN-GROUND POOL. This Complete Vinyl Dome Kit fits in-ground pools. This listing is for a 20 FT x 49 FT dome kit.

Our Sun Dome enclosure for your in-ground pool will. From harmful air-borne debris and pollutants. The amount of chemicals you need to use in your pool.

Heat the water and the air temperature inside the dome. Sun Domes have SO MANY BENEFITS. Converts your pool into an indoor/outdoor pool. Heats water and air temperature with solar heat.

Contains solid and secure enclosure framework. Contains sturdy Double-Zipper Door and Windows. Here's what YOU GET WITH THIS KIT.

Complete, easy-to follow set of instructions. Vinyl cover skin that is USA-MADE.

All shock cords and rope needed for the installation. All aluminum tubing hardware needed for the installation.

Aluminum casting "spider"(s) to unite the supports. All brackets needed for complete installation. All screws needed for complete installation. All Tie Down Hooks needed for complete installation.

The absolute BEST post-sale customer service in the industry. Everything you need (tools not included) to successfully put up your dome comes with this listing with the exception of the lumber base. HOWEVER, this can be picked up at any home supply store at minimal expense.

This listing specifically sells a dome kit for. The dome kit is 20 FT x 49 FT. If you LOVE the Fabrico. Sun Domes, and are worried that's all we have.



Tailor-Made Vinyl and Aluminum Enclosure. Pool enclosure that is supported by a series of aluminum tubes.

Cover is heat-sealed to fit the tubes and this provides a. Tailored fit for your pool. Sturdy Double-Zipper Door and Windows.

The pool enclosure has one door opening with two. Heavy duty two-sided nylon zippers.

As well as TEN fiberglass screened window flaps/openings. Both the door and the windows come with vinyl tabs. Solid and Secure Enclosure Framework. Bottom edge of the enclosure is a 24-gauge vinyl. And it has a series of grommets. Are then attached to the grommets and hooked onto the base of the dome.

This system ensures that the vinyl enclosure is held securely over the pool framework thus making the Sun Dome sturdy and safe. ALL ITEMS ARE BRAND NEW!! What are the benefits of having a Sun Dome on my pool?

Is one of the key. Warms the air and the water with solar heat. From leaves, bugs, debris and early spring or late summer breezes. Moreover, because your pool is protected, you. Cut down on the use of chemicals and expensive cleaning costs.

Is there a Sun Dome to fit my pool? Or other dome sizes, please. Out of what material(s) is the Sun Dome made? 12-mil double polished clear vinyl.

The frame is made of. The enclosure over your pool. Can I install a Sun Dome myself? Installation time varies depending on the size but even the largest Sun Domes can normally be installed in a single weekend.

What about winter weather conditions? Fabrico Sun Domes are meant to extend your swim season.

It is strongly recommended that you remove your Sun Dome during stormy winter months as the domes are not designed for snow load. However, some Fabrico pool enclosures have been known to stand up to very severe conditions and still survive. How do I clean my Sun Dome? We suggest cleaning the Sun Dome with mild soap and water. Dish or car wash soap.

Test a small patch first to ensure that the product you selected cleans properly. Please note: do not use any oil-based products as it will damage the vinyl.

There are no cleaning requirements; however, if there is a lot of debris on your Sun Dome, we suggest you clean it before storing. What if my Sun Dome gets punctured or damaged? We supply a patch with every Sun Dome. When it is sent to you!

How do you take down a Sun Dome and how do you store it? In order to take down the Sun Dome, simply unsnap the neoprene cords all the way around the pool and gently tug the cover up and over the frame.

Make sure the cover is. Prior to folding it for storage.

Can be rolled up (similarly to a sleeping bag). And it should be stored in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Also, cornstarch can be sprinkled between the folds of the vinyl to keep it from sticking together. If a dome cover is wet prior to storing, it may turn milky white. However, this condition will clear up once the cover is back on the frame and exposed to sunlight. Does my Sun Dome protect me from harmful UV Rays?

While it is not intended for sun-protection, it will. With the dome on, but you will. Refer to the picture below for a visual guide of the process.

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  • Type: SunDome
  • Size: 20 FT x 49 FT
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Material: Clear Vinyl
  • Brand: Ameri-Brand Products Inc
  • Warranty: 1 Year

In-Ground Pool Cover Fabrico Sun Dome- 20 FT x 49 FT Dome- USA MADE   In-Ground Pool Cover Fabrico Sun Dome- 20 FT x 49 FT Dome- USA MADE